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Studies on Some Stochastic Models for Type-2 Di...
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The book has discussed Stochastic Models to understand the processes of metabolism of glucose and insulin more specific to diabetic patients. This study mainly focuses on assessment of glucose/insulin levels through stochastic modeling approach for Type2-diabetes mellitus patients. It also consists of the mechanism of measuring the dynamics of glucose and insulin levels along with the factors like intake of diet, usage of external insulin and physical activity. Measuring the levels of both glucose/insulin through Markov point process is the core area of study. Further, the study has focused on the solving simultaneous differential equations and achieving the approximate values through numerical methods as the model has limitations in getting classical and abstract solutions. The study has many other focusing issues like consumption patterns of average number of glucose molecules and insulin granules in the blood stream. This study has a good scope of usage in health care industry by developing the suitable interface by converting all these mathematical models as user friendly devices by developing relevant computer software and data visualizations methodologies.

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